How Much Do You Know About the eveningHow Much Do You Know About the evening

How Much Do You Know About the evening

The main figure of the evening is the amount of money usually bet by the individual gambler on the slot machine in front of him. By looking at this figure, the gambler, if he has any sense, will attempt to gauge by how much he is willing to risk, either in the casino or in some other gambling public place.

The gambling public’s understanding of slot machines is far more simplistic that that of the other gambling games. The one figure that most people are familiar with is the amount bet in English roulette. But, the amount typically bet on a slot machine is comprised of many smaller amounts. As the common belief goes, a dollar bet will constitute 5 hundredths of a dollar. The gambler who wishes to make a little (or a lot) of money bets 5 dollars at a time. The amount bet on a slot machine is often enough to fool the human eye. The eye sees the stacks of dollar chips, and the spinning wheel as the dollar falls into motion, but it sees far less than the number of symbols that the wheel actually contains. A machine that has enough symbols to span multiple pages of a book (or several volumes of a book) has too many lines for the human eye to scan them one by one.

The amount of money a gambler is prepared to put into the machine is often a guide post for the amount he wishes to risk. Just by looking at the amount bet, a gambler knows how much he can afford to lose or to win. The amount a gambler chooses to put into the slot machine is often a guide post for the amount he wishes to risk. If the amount a gambler is planning to put into the slot machine seems unrealistic, he may wish to reassess his position. He should always remember that a machine is designed to pay back 75 – 83 percent of the money put into it. The idea of the slot machine is to make money for the casino – not to guarantee that the player will win.

The “iuses” who designed of the first video slot machine probably went a little over the top with their marketing. They didn’t intend for us to actually hit the jackpot so we could physically hold our breath to see it. We thought we were going to hit the jackpot, but we didn’t want to waste the $350 we had bought in for that session so close to hitting it, so we slower ourselves down and tried to hit a little more reasonable jackpot. Now, if we had gone to a table that had a 2 dollar minimum and a quarter machine, we would have been content to play through a quarter of a dollar and perhaps win the same as we had already spread out over 2 dollars. But we were being smart. We had already delayed deciding how much to bet when we had already decided how much to pay for this particular slot machine.

So should we have gone to the higher minimum machine? Well, I am not sure we would have still had 2 dollars on the first spin. We would have taken our losses and moved to the $5 machine and maybe gotten lucky again. Since we were still quite a ways ahead, we might have gotten away with it. But, we would have still lost. The higher minimum slot machine didn’t give us enough of a boost. Again, we probably would have ended up with the $350 over time, which probably would have been better rather than our $5 minimum return.

So it is probably safe to say that the higher minimum slots pay out better, and have more of an advantage should you choose to change casinos. Note that the higher minimum slots are often considered to be less “real” than the lower maximum slots (although they are easier to earn).

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